Have you ever wanted to be part of the show? Now you can through IVONNEBEAUTY.Live. We’re accepting applications for beauty participants to take part in our live and pre-recorded beauty productions. You’ll be able to receive your favourite beauty service all on camera, either live or recorded for future use.

Where do the productions tape?

Almost all of our recordings take place at 138 Sparks Street, Ottawa ON (between Metcalfe and O’Connor).

What time should I arrive?

You should arrive no later than 10 minutes before your scheduled airing time. Please make sure to allow extra time for traffic and parking. Please wait outside for you to be texted to come in.

Who is eligible to be a model on IVONNEBEAUTY.LIVE?

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a legal resident of and live in Canada
  • Must not have not been in any other competing productions (similar productions in the last 12 months)
  • Must not be running for political office or be a member of an identifiable service industry (Canadian Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Paramedic, Firefighter)
  • Must not work for any federal, provincial, or municipal agency that provides public health or labour related functions
  • Must not be under contractual obligation or restrictions with any modelling agency namely Models International Management

What beauty services are available through IVONNEBEAUTY.LIVE?

Select services normally offered through Ivonne Sanchez Beauty including facial services such as:
Lip Tattoo
Chemical Peels
Microblading & Nano Brows
Camouflage Tattoo
BB Glow
Freckles and Beauty Mark Tattoo

What is the cost to be a model on IVONNEBEAUTY.LIVE?

The only cost to participate in airings of IVONNEBEAUTY.Live are your beauty service costs. For example, if you are signing up to be a model for lip tattoo, then your only cost is for the related personal service e.g. $550-$650. There are no additional fees to be part of the production. For a complete list of services please check our model service pricing here.

*Note: The IVONNEBEAUTY.Live model rates are not the same as Ivonne Sanchez Beauty 50% model rates. All services received through IVONNEBEAUTY.Live are charged at full rates. Discounted, packaged or member pricing does not apply to IVONNEBEAUTY.Live services. Services received through IVONNEBEAUTY.Live are charged at the full regular rate.

How do I sign up to be a model on IVONNEBEAUTY.LIVE?

Many of our recordings are for on-demand subscription services which means that you can usually find a spot. Live airing dates will be published on our parent company’s social media channel @IVONNESANCHEZBEAUTY. You can also sign up here. You’ll find our model services under IVONNEBEAUTY.LIVE.
1. Navigate to > Schedule Appointment > Select Service > Choose a service from under the category IVONNEBEAUTY.LIVE.
Please note that all services scheduled are subject to the terms and conditions, including scheduling, deposit and cancellation policies of our parent company Ivonne Sanchez Beauty.

How long does the taping last?

Our productions correspond to the type of service that we are recording. So if you have signed up for a microneedling airing then the time is the same as your service, which is just 1 hour. The taping time may be as much as 3 hours in total.

Where will you be seen?

The show will be streamed online through one of our media channels live, or, published to an on-demand learning management system. Subscribed viewers from allover the world will have access to watch your beauty experience

Camera shy? No problem.

Our recording equipment is tiny, low profile, and generally out of the way. You’ll hardly notice that it’s there. It will feel like just another beauty service. You won’t have to do anything extra – just receive your beauty service and talk about it if you want.

Can I bring anyone with me?

It is not possible to have guests or family members attend with you. This also includes pets.

What can I do to prepare for the taping?

Be sure to read the before and after care found under the “resources” menu at ivonnesanchez.com.

What measures are we taking to be COVID-19 Safe and Compliant?

As a film and production company we remain compliant with PPE protocols and sanitary requirements.

Our personal services provider is compliant with all of the Personal Service Settings requirements including sanitation protocols, maintaining physical distancing to the extent required.